The 13th Condition (2007)

Image of The 13th Condition (2007)

"The 13th Condition" (Self-edited, 2007) is a new research, the new step forward in the attempt of combining classic instruments with a mantle of darkness and depression. A new attempt of crying out with drowned voice the miseries of most disadvantaged by the goddess fortune. Nine songs with lots of darkness and a very few spread for fragil clarity that surrounds us. This time the violins and the cellos are principal actors of this drama which the angelic feminine voice joins to give a touch of false hope where we can hold on our wretched life.

With special guest like Lady Nott (Singer and violinist at Narsilion ) and with the cover art being created and designed by Morgana of “Iberian Black Arts”( My Dying Bride, Vesperian Sorrow, Ancient, Aesma Daeva... ).