Dethroned Of Our Souls (CD) Digibook Compilation

Dethroned Of Our Souls (CD) Digibook Compilation

Compilation "Dethroned Of Our Souls"
300 limited copies. Digibook, Vinyl-style CD. Includes 12-page booklet and Pit-Art CD.
"Dethroned Of Our Souls" includes the remixed and remastered EP songs of "Dethroned Of Light", including a live session of the song "Colossal". In addition, you can enjoy the track "Like Atlas", a cover of a OFFICIUM TRISTE song made for the 25th Anniversary record "Born to Lose, Doomed to Die".
And for the most bitter lovers of the band, you can also listen the sold out demo "In The Bitterness Of Our Souls" that was the first work edited by the band. All this accompanied by an evocative design made by Vladimir Prokofiev and a magnificent layout by Jane Orpheus from FUNERE.
1. Bleak Remembrance (feat. J.F. Fiar)
2. Awaiting (feat. Natalie Koskinen)
3. The Wanderer (Vocal Version)
4. Like Atlas (Officium Triste cover)
5. Colossal (Live Session)
6. At The Edge Of The Cliff (Old Demo)
7. The Autumn Of The Withered Roses (Old Demo)
8. Bleak Rememberance (Old Demo)